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10 Favorite Roatan Dive Sites

There are so many fantastic dive sites on Roatan's south shore that it's hard to pick just a few. Here's a list of 10 amazing spots, including:

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Scuba diving in Roatan
Mary's Place, Roatan dive site, a Barefoot Divers top 10 favorite

  Mary's Place

  • One of Roatan’s most spectacular dive sites, famous for its deep crack that was formed by volcanic activity and extends down 95 feet
  • Abundant fish life, beautiful coral overhangs throughout the crack, schools of glassfish, chubs and creole wrasse, spotted drums, and our favorite friend, the seahorse
  • Advanced level; good buoyancy control needed. Beginner divers can follow along the top of the crack
  • Depth range of 20’ to beyond recreational dive limits
  • Right on Barefoot Divers' doorstep, just a few minutes away by boat
Insidious Reef, a Roatan dive site and Barefoot Divers top 10 pick

  Insidious Reef

  • A relatively undiscovered site off the south shore that is out of range of most dive operators
  • Very pristine reef due to low dive traffic
  • Offers a very diverse collection of marine life. Possibility of seeing larger marine life, such as sharks, groupers, jacks, barricudas, and permits
  • Intermediate level
  • The reef is a bank starting at 30' with sheer walls on the sides plunging past recreational dive limits
  • From Barefoot Divers, about 7 minutes away by boat
Wreck of the Prince Albert, Roatan dive site, a Barefoot Divers top 10 pick

  Wreck Of The Prince Albert

  • An intentionally sunk wreck (1985), the Prince Albert is a 165-foot freighter that is home to pipefish and seahorses
  • Extensive coral growth almost completely covers the entire wreck
  • Penetration possibilities exist if you're certified as a PADI Wreck Diver
  • Eagle rays, southern sting rays, and squid often pass alongside
  • A DC-3 plane fuselage is just a few yards away
  • There are ways to visit the wreck whether you're a beginner or advanced diver
  • Main deck of the wreck is 25’; maximum depth is 60’
  • From Barefoot Divers, about 8 minutes away by boat
Roatan dive site Menagerie

  Menagerhea (Menagerie)

  • Aptly named (meaning "zoo"), Menagerie teems with fish
  • Schools of Atlantic spade fish, Bermuda chub, dog snappers, and jacks abound
  • Wall has coral overhangs, gorgonians, and large barrel sponges
  • Suitable for all dive levels
  • Mooring is at 20’; the top of the reef gently slopes to 50’; then the wall drops off past recreational dive limits
  • From Barefoot Divers, about 8 minutes away by boat
Valley of the Kings - Roatan dive site

  Shark Bait Shallow

  • A shallow maze of coral heads and sand shoots, the perfect hiding spot for nurse sharks, leading to a gently sloping wall
  • Sea fans, gorgonians and sponges mix with brain coral and lettuce leaf coral
  • Stingrays and eaglerays both frequent this site, as well as nursesharks, eels and schools of blue tangs and Bermuda Chubbs, and flounders in the sand
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Depth ranges from 20’ to past recreational dive limits
  • From Barefoot Divers, about 10 minutes away by boat
Roatan Dive Site Calvin's Crack

  Calvin's Crack

  • Crack starts at 20’ with a swim-through and gradually slopes off to a depth of 90’, exiting to the wall
  • Clusters of vase sponges, gorgonians, and brain and thin-leaf coral
  • Sometimes elusive toad fish can be found. Schools of silverside fish congregate in the crack. Off of the wall, find barracuda, hunting jacks, and permits
  • Intermediate level; beginner divers can follow along the top of the crack
  • Depth ranges from 20’ to 90'
  • From Barefoot Divers, a 40-minute boat ride. Can be selected as an excursion dive in our all-inclusive packages
French Cay Bank - a Barefoot Divers top 10 dive site

  French Cay Bank

  • The remains of a sunken shrimp boat, the Cap’n G, are found at the base of the mooring
  • Coral gardens are filled with barrel sponges of all sizes and colorful hard and soft coral; sea whips decorate the bank around the mooring
  • Upswells at the edge of the bank bring in schools of hunting fish such as jacks and barracuda. Turtles are occasionally spotted here as well.
  • Intermediate level
  • Depth ranges from 40’ to past recreational dive limits
  • From Barefoot Divers, 6 minutes away by boat

  Connie’s Dream

  • A gently sloping wall with soft coral overhangs, small crevices with king crabs and lobsters peering out, and sea fans swaying
  • A popular spot for hide and seek: look for well-camouflaged scorpion fish, banded coral shrimp tucked inside sponges, and flamingo tongues
  • Usually done as a drift dive
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Depth ranges from 25’ to past recreational dive limits
  • From Barefoot Divers, a 4 minute boat ride

  Cemetery Wall

  • Enter on a sand shoot, and drop off to a steep wall that starts at a depth of 25'
  • Beautiful overhang covered in gorgonians, sponges and a variety of hard corals
  • Large groupers and elusive seahorses are commonly sited here.  Eels, groups of parrot fish and surgeon fish along the top of the reef
  • Suitable for all levels of divers
  • Depth ranges from 25’ to past recreational dive limits
  • From Barefoot Divers, a 5 minute boat ride
Mr. Bud - a Barefoot Divers top 10 Roatan dive site

  Mr. Bud

  • A cargo ship sunk intentionally in 1995
  • The ship is upright along the reef’s edge, having been pulled from its original resting place by Hurricane Mitch
  • The dive normally focuses part of the time of the wreck, then on to the coral reef
  • Blanketing the top of the reef is an abundance of soft corals such as sea plumes and sea rods with flamingo tongues and seahorses clinging to them
  • Sand dwellers such as jaw fish, garden eels, flounders, and sail fin blennies all reside in the shoots surrounding the wreck
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Depth ranges from 40’ to past recreational dive limits
  • From Barefoot Divers, a 6 minute boat ride

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Some of these dive sites (or advanced ways to dive them) require specific skills or certifications - for example, advanced buoyancy control or completion of a wreck diving course. If you don't have those skills, you can learn them here while you dive. Our PADI instructors and extensive course list can help you learn the skills you need to enjoy all the wonderful dive sites Roatan has to offer. See our PADI course list


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