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Roatan Dive Sites


The shore of Roatan is lined with hundreds of wonderful dive sites. You'll find dramatic walls, coral-encrusted wrecks, and cracks and crevices to explore. Hard and soft corals provide an inviting habitat for an array of creatures such as arrow crabs, lobsters, and sea horses. Schools of fish stream by, and turtles and rays glide gracefully past. See our "top ten" Roatan dive site list.

On this page, learn more about Roatan diving with our interactive dive site map, Roatan diving information at a glance, and lists of typical marine life.

Diving in Roatan with Barefoot Divers

Interactive Dive Site Map

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Which Sites Are Best For You Or Your Dive Group?

Our staff can recommend Roatan dive sites that offer the type of adventure you seek, or accommodate  groups with mixed skill levels or divers and snorkelers. Here are some resources for you:

We'll work with you so that you have an amazing dive vacation!


 Dive Information at a Glance

Roatan dive site information

Roatan is a lush, tropical island surrounded by the world's second largest barrier reef. Situated in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Honduras in crystal clear waters, it's an ideal scuba diving destination. With its thriving coral reef and abundant marine life, Roatan has been a well-kept secret of dedicated divers for many years.

  • Water temperature: 78-84 degrees year-round
  • Visibility: 60 to 100 feet most days
  • Currents: minimal
  • Attractions: coral reef with dramatic walls, crevices, and swim-throughs, as well as several wrecks
  • Dive site depths: 20’ to 120’ (the wall drops past recreational dive depths)
  • Diver skill level: beginner to advanced
  • Marine conservation: all dive sites are in the marine park for the south side of the island. The South Shore Marine Park office has been donated space in the Barefoot Divers building, and patrols the area to enforce the laws for protecting fragile marine life. The marine park maintains the permanent mooring buoys on all the dive sites, visits local schools to educate about marine conservation, and organizes beach cleanups.

    Intrigued? Learn more about Roatan scuba diving in our Ten Favorite Dive Sites and Roatan dive FAQ. If you have any questions, e-mail us at

Typical Marine Life

Small Creatures

If you slow down and peer closely, you’ll be astounded at the miniature world the reef supports. Among the creatures commonly seen, some of our favorites are:

Seahorse in Roatan. Photo taken during a Barefoot Divers excursion Seahorses
Arrow crabs
Cleaning shrimp
Banded coral shrimp
Flamingo tongues
Damsel fish
Sergeant majors
Gobies and blennies
Spotted drum fish
Spotted eels
Garden eels
File fish
Box fish
Puffer fish
Trunk fish
Pipe fish
Trumpet fish
Lizard fish
Toad fish
Scorpion fish
Squirrel fish
Hog fish
Parrot fish
King crab

Large Creatures

Though Roatan’s reef is known primarily for its smaller inhabitants, we do get some larger visitors passing through the deep waters off the wall. We have spotted:

Roatan whale shark  Whale sharks
Pilot whales
Manta rays
Nurse sharks
White-tipped reef sharks

Medium Creatures

A vast array of medium-size marine life completes Roatan's underwater world. A few, but by no means all, of these creatures include:

Roatan turtle on a Barefoot Divers excursion Turtles
Southern stingrays
Eagle rays
Green moray eels

Photography Classes

You're going to see so many amazing things on your dives in Roatan. Be sure to bring your camera. Whether you’re already an avid underwater photographer or videographer, or interested in trying underwater photography or videography for the first time, Barefoot Divers can help you capture memories to last a lifetime. Our on site photo/video pro can arrange a course for you, or a custom photo or video shoot.  Visit our photo pro page for details.


Paradise--Just Hours Away

Getting to Roatan is easy, thanks to direct flights from the U.S. that can have you here within a few hours. See our Roatan Travel Tips.